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K.W, 25 years old
(Digital Communication Student)

For me, success means learning new information. For me, it is about transforming knowledge into something that can serve all of humanity.

A.D. 24 years old

To succeed is to have motivation and dream big until you reach your goal in life. To succeed is to remain motivated even when motivation is lacking.

M.K. 21 years old
(Entrepreneur, startuper)

For me, success is easy when you're engaged. Being engaged and hard work gives you the means to realize your dreams. Also, a team spirit is very important because you never succeed alone.

M.D., 28 years old
(Local produce merchant)

For me, success is having the means to help your family. And to succeed, you have to fight every day to ensure the needs of the family.

M.D., 23 years old

Success is being able to do something with your life. Having possessions, money and being able to manage your worries in peace.
If you can do that then for me you have succeeded. It's as simple as that.