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Finding the right information on migration

Recent studies show that young people in many West African countries do not know where to get accurate information on regular migration procedures. That’s why the International Organization for Migration (IOM), launched WAKA Well in 2019. The website makes it easier for young people, their families and communities to learn about regular migration procedures, available local opportunities and who to speak to in person. The aim of WAKA Well is to enable young people to make informed decisions about their futures, at home and abroad.

The WAKA Well Community

Waka Well is more than a website. It also has a real-life network of young people in communities across West and Central Africa advocating for safe migration.

As part of the IOM X project, IOM and youth together produce media content for television, radio, online campaigns and on-the-ground activities promoting safe and regular migration within their communities.

Through a participatory framework and evidence-based programming, the project’s activities and goals reach beyond awareness raising, to affecting behavioural change. This is what we call our Communication for Development (C4D) approach.

WAKA Well in numbers


the average number of seconds each visitor spends on WAKA Well, and most visitors return more than once


people have visited WAKA Well since 2019, with visitors from The Gambia, Guinea and Senegal topping the list


young people have participated in the design of WAKA Well activities, including 173 females, since 2019


young people have asked questions about migration procedures through WAKA Well platforms since 2019


community-led WAKA Well events have taken place in West Africa from 2019-2021


videos have been produced by the WAKA Well community, generating over 40,000 views

Awareness raising by iom

IOM implements innovative awareness raising projects across West and Central Africa to support informed decision-making around migration, with an aim to reduce vulnerability to exploitation associated with irregular migration.


IOM’s 300+ Migrants as Messengers use art, film, media and sport to talk to young people about migration and local opportunities.


Through WAKAWell.info, IOM provides young people with information on migration, local opportunities and who to speak to.


IOM‘s Yenna.org provides tools and resources for awareness raising practitioners to carry out their own activities.

working with partners

WAKA Well is supported by young people who contribute articles about their own experiences, professionals who map community level services, and governments who support the operation of the platform. Specific IOM projects contributing to WAKA Well include IOM X West Africa, Migrants as Messengers, COMPASS and the EU-IOM Joint Initiative, with support from the following donors:

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